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Maggie & Copper


We often place basset and bloodhounds in homes just as soon as we have taken them into our Rescue, before they ever make it onto our web site. We have people waiting to adopt and we have just needed to match them with the right dog for their home. If you would like to be considered for one of these dogs, please get on our Waiting List. Send us an email at wybassetrescue@gmail.com or fill out our adoption application and we will get the process going!


Have you been considering adopting, but just aren't sure. How about trying fostering? You can find out if a basset or bloodhound is the right breed for you and play a very important role in helping them finding their forever home. Please consider fostering.
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Copper and Maggie
Hey everyone, weíre Copper and Maggie. We are not siblings, but we are both two years old, having recent birthdays in May and June. Weíre not really sure whatís going on, as weíve switched into a different home and have been to what our foster home calls a Ďvet clinicí. I, Maggie, was a bit upset, as Copper went first and left without me. Then Copper was upset the next day, when I went as well without him. We are doing good now, both being neutered/spayed, current on our vaccinations and microchipped. We each weigh under 50 pounds, are housetrained and sleep well, with plenty of exercise! I, Maggie, am more of the leader and protector. Copper follows me and plays off of my lead. He can tend to be a bit nervous with loud noises. We both love people and children and are very friendly. We have been playing with the foster homeís grandchildren in their backyard. Itís fun to have toys to play with, too and weíre learning how to walk on a leash, but we need more practice according to our foster home! We are good with other dogs, as we had a canine friend in our first home and did fine with him. If you would like more information on how to adopt us together, please contact Holly at (307)272-8089 or email at wybassetrescue@gmail.com  or click here to for our adoption application.


Hey everybody, my name is Bella! Iím a 9 month old, ~70lb bloodhound who is really wanting a new home that understands my breed. Iíve been in one home before my current foster home and I am learning more and more about people every day. Iím still a puppy and with that, plus being a bloodhound, Iím a busy girl! I am spayed, current on my vaccinations and microchipped. Iím also housetrained and I havenít chewed on anything I wasnít supposed to. 😊 I like everyone Iíve met, but my foster Mom thinks I would be best in a home with maybe just one other dog. Iíve not been socialized much and need attention and time to understand this whole new world Iím finding out about. I also love the young man at my foster home and I canít wait for him to come home every day. We hang out together and have a great time. Did I mention that I love to play ball? Not just like, but LOVE! I overheard my foster Mom telling someone about it being my favorite activity. We play in the morning, a little around noon and then more before crashing for the night. Maybe you all know more about the saying that Ďa tired dog is a good dogí? Iíd love a home with older kids. Iím working on not jumping when I get excited. Iíve heard my foster Mom talking that I might be best around the bigger people and no little ones, what with my size and activity level. Iíve been meeting new animals at my foster home, too. I met what I thought was the biggest dog in the world, but it was a horse. Whew, that was an experience! As Iím slowing being introduced to new things, Iím gaining confidence. Iím a bit shy at first, but am learning that there sure are a lot of great new things to be checked out. I really want to be part of a family and do things with them. If you think you might be a perfect match as my new family, please contact Holly at (307)272-8089 or email at wybassetrescue@gmail.com  or click here to for our adoption application.


Wow, is life going great or what! Hi, Iím Goose, and life outside the Ďpení is great! I am in a really nice foster home, but previously was at a shelter. I was out running around town and was picked up by an animal control person. They took good care of me at the shelter, but my previous family didnít come for me. I was bummed. But now that Iím in Rescue and this awesome foster home, Iím learning a lot. Iím a basset hound mix, around 1 Ĺ to 2 years old and weigh just over 50 pounds. I am housetrained, I donít chew, Iím current on my vaccinations, microchipped and I sleep all night. My foster Mom said something about getting neutered here in about a week. Iím not sure what that is, but if itís another car ride to the vetís office, Iím in! They were really nice there when I got my rabies shot and x-rays on my leg. The doctor said I didnít need surgery, even though my ulna stopped growing too soon and gave me my classy stance. Donít I look like a dancer? Iím doing great with the dogs and cats at my foster home. I like playing and my foster Mom says Iím very gentle. Theyíve all been really, really nice. Iím still learning a lot and am a bit clingy with my foster Mom. She is working with me on Ďstayí. I have already learned Ďsití. I donít let her get out of my sight, so Iím trying hard to not be too worried when I canít see her. Iíve been under foot a bit, but sheís teaching me that laying down and just watching her is best. And I get treats for doing that, so thatís even better! I also am learning to wait for my food and not jump up and knock the bowl out of my foster Momís hand. That doesnít go over very well, but I have now learned Ďsití and I still get my food, so that is awesome! I would love to become part of a family where I maybe have other dogs and kids to play with. I donít like being left outside by myself. Itís still a bit scary to see all that space when Iím alone. If you would like to make me a part of your family, please contact  Holly at (307)272-8089 or email at wybassetrescue@gmail.com  or click here to for our adoption application.

If you are interested in adopting one of these dogs, please contact person listed with the dog. or you may email us at wybassetrescue@gmail.com .  Receiving materials from us does not obligate you in any way.  We do try to  match dog and owner, so you may be on a waiting list until a good match for you comes along.  All dogs are or will be neutered, we do not place dogs for breeding purposes.  We ask that you keep the dog in a fenced area (Bassets and Blood Hounds like to track scents, and then get lost), provide adequate medical care, and sign an adoption paper at the time of adoption.  If the adoption does not work for whatever reason, we do ask that the dog be returned to Basset Rescue and we will place the dog in another home.  There will be an adoption fee to be collected at the time of adoption. 


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