Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue and Adoption - Rescuing basset hounds in Wyoming.

Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue and Adoption

Bailey, at two years old.


Basset Hounds from Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue and Adoption

Helping bassets in need!

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Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue
& Adoption Foundation

helps bassets with the devotion that only love can provide. 

Bassets in need of help are cared for by an all volunteer group of dedicated people throughout Wyoming.  Rescued bassets  are from pounds or shelters, or are lost, abandoned or unwanted by their owners.  Our goal is to EVALUATE their disposition, insure that the dogs are in reasonable health and neutered, and then placed into a SUITABLE, LOVING, FOREVER home.
Wyoming Basset Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer group.
Qualified homes and foster homes are always in need, as are supplies, donations and volunteers. Can you help us?

  Dogs Awaiting Adoption 

Help us help our dogs!
All proceeds from our fundraisers go to help pay for our
 rescued dog expense

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our Calendar Sponsors!
February SPONSOR:
Denis Finning
In memory of Maddie
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 We no longer rescue bloodhounds as there is a  new rescue devoted to just that breed.
Please visit
www.houndhavenrescue.com for more information on them.

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Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue and Adoption 

Wyoming Basset Rescue
PO Box 2131   Cody, WY 82414

Donations are greatly needed and
 appreciated and are tax deductible!

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