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Bailey, at two years old. 



The Bloodhound


Bloodhounds were originally bred to hunt deer and wild boar, originating in Belgium and France. They have been used for tracking people since the Middle ages. They have no problem following scents that are several days old. They are not quick dogs, but their endurance is great!
Males average 26 and between 100 to 120 pounds. Females average 24 and between 85 to 105 pounds. They both can be larger.
Their coloring is one of three types; black and tan, liver and tan or red. They can have white markings on their chest or feet.
Bloodhounds are gentle, willful, affectionate and shy and somewhat difficult to obedience train. They can also be hard to handle on leash. They are even-tempered in nature with humans. They need supervision around small children, as their size can knock them down.
Some common health issues bloodhounds can have are bloat, eye infections and skin issues. Bloat is the leading type of death with bloodhounds.
Bloodhounds are great and loyal companions. Their life span averages around 8 years, living up to 10 years at times.




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