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Bailey, at two years old. 




The Rocky Report
An Adoption Success Story
from Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue and Adoption

Below are the Rocky Reports, wonderful examples of a beautiful adoption success story.  Rocky came into WBHR as a relinquishment when his previous family lost their house and went to a motel where they couldn't keep him. Rocky had gotten out of their yard several times and when he got out the last time, they didn't go get him. After two foster homes and a placement that didn't work, due to lack of time for him, Rocky found his forever home with Jim! Rocky has lost a lot of weight since we first took him in and he's a whole new dog and justly so with his great, new home with Jim!  Thanks Jim for both the Rocky Reports and for giving him such a fantastic home!
Read The Rocky Report #13 to
find out more information on Rocky's

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